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Configo vs Braze

Configo is an alternative to Braze and here is why you should consider switching today.

No Code

Non technical users can easily manage features, launch promotions, fix typos, and more.

Fair Pricing

You pay for active users only, no matter how many apps you have.

Outstanding Customer Service

Get from 0 to 100 with us, you have got the best team you will ever find.

Feature Management

Soft launch new features, see your users' reaction, and decide on the next steps.

In-App Engagement

Instantly launch beautiful, personalized and relevant in-app campaigns without coding.

Push Notifications

Send personalized and engaging messages to keep your users coming back.

On-Premises Solution

Private on-premises or cloud instances of Configo are available as well.

Get Involved

We hear you. Have an idea? want a specific feature? Become a part of our roadmap. Our relationship with our customers are a crucial part of our success.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"
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