Convert Mobile Customers Into Business.

Create a customer centric live mobile experience that drives digital sales and engagement with only creativity at your hands, no coding required and it can be easily integrated with your native, hybrid, new or existing app.

Finovate Europe 2017 Finalists

We've been selected to showcase our Live Mobile Experience solution at Finovate Europe 2017 in London.  Watch the full demo >>

Ready To Deploy In Your Environment

One-Stop Shop

Manage unlimited applications from one place, native and hybrid apps.

Our management console is as simple and as intuitive as it gets, controlling your app is a few clicks away.

Dynamic UI

Visually tag screen elements.

Tagged elements can be used as campaign triggers, for A/B test or for providing realtime personalized experience for each an every segment using our unique screen capturing and tagging technology.

Feature Control

Stay in control of your feature availability.

Soft launch new capabilities, see your users' reaction, and decide on the next steps.

In-App Engagement

Instantly launch personalized and relevant in-app campaigns without coding.

Tell your customers about a new service or give them an offer that best fits them, all without resubmitting your app.

Deep Segmentation

Target your users based on personal data, location, and usage.

These target groups are the backbone of marketing analysis, optimization, testing and personalization efforts and allow marketers to see what is driving the end-result.

Variables Manager

Move beyond UI changes.

Change app logic, content and hard-coded values for any item within your app that you want to update on-the-fly.


Risk Mitigation
Quickly respond to critical issues
Gradual Rollout
Gradually release a feature to your users to reduce risk and assess performance
UI Changes
Personalize and tweak your app in real time
Feature Toggling
Easily create and manage unlimited feature flags
App Modularity
Make every part of your app - a standalone component
User Targeting
Flexible segmentation engine, control individual users or segments
In-App Engagement
Increase user engagement up to 4x with automated and relevant in-app messaging.
Targeted Push Messages
Create targeted push notifications and drive engagement back to the mothership.
Experiment Everywhere
Make A/B testing part of your mobile strategy, no matter how custom your app is built.


Lightweight SDK
Supporting native and hybrid platforms.
Real-time Changes
No need to resubmit your app.
Hybrid Installation
Private on-premises or cloud instances setup by Configo.
Zero Integration
Isolated from the rest of your internal systems.

Integration & Security

Developed with enterprise security standards, requirements and best practices in mind to allow frictionless integration and best in class performance.

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